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At the age of 6 I was one of the lucky 5 million people to own a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. It came with a thick, ugly manual written with typewriter which contained some rudimentary programming basics with a few example codes snippets. I relentlessly banged away on the tiny keyboard, diligently copying the code, to be rewarded with a result I didn't understand (as a result of a program I didn't understand either). Still, I created something out of nothing - I was totally hooked!

The Sinclair was later replaced with a Commodore 64, then a 286, a 486, a Pentium I and so on - just as Basic was replaced by Pascal, C, C++, Java, Python, Javascript, Ruby... some decades later, I'm still hooked (although with considerably more knowledge of programming than at the age of 6!)

I spent some years in a company working 9-5 after I got my masters degree when I decided it's time to move on and establish my own company in 2007 - HexAgile was born. We have worked on various projects with interesting people during the years - general programming, web development but mainly focusing on web data extraction, data integration and related fields.

No project is too small, too weird or too boring - so get in touch!

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Ruby Development

Ruby was my first real love (started 10 years ago!) and we at HexAgile always come back to it after exploring other languages and tools. Most Rails developers think they know Ruby because they work with Rails - we beg to differ! Ruby is so much more than Rails.

Web Development

The Internet is the biggest virtual sandpit of the world, and we love to play! We are passionate about building sand castles and modest huts all the same. Let us know your idea and we are going to make it happen!

Web Scraping

The general idea about web scraping is that it's a very easy and simple job, requiring almost no expertise (perhaps a little knowledge of regexps) - this is true if we are talking about a one-time job. However, if you need reliable, robust, clean data periodically it's a different story - contact us to see the magic happen!

Data Science

Too much data, too little sense?! Big Data is more like HUGE data these days, and sometimes is difficult to see the forrest for the trees - that's where we come into the picture! Let us be your eyes and guides you in the digital data jungle!

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  • We are great listeners - you can bounce your ideas off of us and figure out whether we can work together
  • We are loyal - working with our latest client for a whopping 8 years!
  • We are experienced, yet flexible and dynamic
  • We started the company almost 10 years ago, and our adventure with coding had begun long before that - we are not recent graduates of the oh-so-chic coding bootcamps.
  • It's just fun to be around us :)
  • You got nothing to lose - it doesn't cost you a cent!
Who knows - it might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

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